1 Jun 2010

Wildcat strike in South Africa

About 150 bus drivers embarked on an illegal strike yesterday demanding that they should be employed permanently as from today. The South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) which represents them was trying to persuade them to return to work. The workers have promised the union they would return to work today.
The latest strike follows one about two weeks ago. Drivers’ had downed tools demanding recognition and an explanation of the safety clause in their contracts. Samwu spokesperson Dion Makhura said it was a challenge to deal with the bus drivers, who are mostly from the unregulated taxi industry.
When asked why they went on strike without informing their representatives first, Makhura said: “We do not know. But you have to understand that we are dealing with former taxi drivers here... There is a lot of education regarding labour rights that still needs to be done.”

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