9 Aug 2010

Hong Kong: coordinated action across four companies

Drivers at four bus companies will strike and protest for higher pay today. The action involves drivers from New World First Bus, Citybus, KMB and Long Win Bus.
"We are forced by the company, which generated HK$680 million in profit last year, to express discontent at the unreasonable salary rise," said KMB Union chairman Kwok Wai-kwong. The company offered a 1.8 percent pay rise and the unions asked for 2.2 percent, plus an extra month's bonus. 
Twenty Kowloon Motor Bus drivers began a sit-in outside the company's head office in Cheung Sha Wan yesterday to press their demands. Other KMB drivers said they will show their solidarity by spending 10 to 15 seconds at all bus stops for all 280 routes today. Kwok estimates this will increase a one-hour ride by 10 minutes.
At New World First Bus, about half of the 1,600 drivers will hold a one-day strike and stage a sit-in at its bus depot headquarters. 
Meanwhile, about 500 Citybus drivers will work to rule - driving on the left-hand side of the road and not overtaking any vehicles.

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