20 Sep 2010

Veolia strike enters second week

Maryland, USA
Prince George's County bus drivers plan to continue their strike for the seventh day today. A five-hour negotiating session Friday ended in gridlock. "Negotiations didn't go well at all," said Howard Marshall, business agent for the bus drivers union. "But we aren't ending the strike. [Drivers] know that without job security they are always going to be tap-danced on."
The roughly 150 contracted drivers on strike, employed by Veolia Transportation, say they want more job security, better health insurance, higher wages and lunch breaks.
Drivers also charge that the company's disciplinary system is too harsh. "Progressive discipline is rarely used," said driver Kathleen LaFortune. "They just go from suspension to termination - for the littlest things, like running a yellow light."
Since the strike began, roughly five of 26 routes have been operating full service. The rest are scheduled for limited service or no service.

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