30 Mar 2011

Vote for action at East London Bus Group

Stagecoach managers at the East London Bus Group have offered drivers’ union reps another day of talks over proposals to slash pay by 15 percent or sack 250 drivers.
It comes after the Unite union balloted some drivers on Friday of last week. Many drivers have complained about the wording of the ballot. The first question asked if drivers wanted negotiations to continue. The second asked whether they wanted to be balloted for industrial action.
Workers voted by 987 to 413 to continue negotiations, and by 399 to 26 to be balloted for industrial action. But drivers answering yes to negotiations were told they could not answer the second question. “Of course we want our reps to negotiate—but they shouldn’t be posed as contradicting one another,” one driver told Socialist Worker.
“Drivers are angry. In our mass meetings last week people talked about the need to stand up to these attacks... When management put an offer on the table we should be balloted on it, and we should be balloted for industrial action if we reject it.”

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Anonymous said...

union rep talks to members on wed thur and ballot on the friday less then half the drivers vote at some depots and varies different results at each depots upton park 7 yes to accept and 233 to reject at bow 139 yes and 23 no only 58 votes at leyton 40 yes 18 no ; all how terms and conditions changes rush in by our own union sold out