21 Oct 2011

Wildcat strike at Stagecoach in Fife

Leven, Fife, Scotland
Dozens of employees at a Fife bus depot caused disruption to services in the region by staging a wildcat strike yesterday. Several early-morning bus services were affected when up to 65 members of staff at Stagecoach's Aberhill depot in Leven downed tools.
Bosses were stunned when drivers began the unofficial industrial action at 4.30am. The stand-off continued until around 7.40am when the drivers were persuaded to return to work. Despite the apparent resolution, there were warnings further strikes could be on the cards if the workers' concerns are not taken on board.
It is understood the walkout was in protest at their treatment by management, amid claims local agreements have been breached in recent months. Most of the services affected were in the Levenmouth area, but the action also disrupted a number of express services from Fife and Glasgow.
One worker at the Aberhill depot, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, told The Courier there is a high likelihood of more industrial action if talks with management break down. "It's all to do with management walking over the top of us and something had to be done,'' the worker said. ''We've got local agreements in place, but the management seem to be happy to break these time and time again. ''The drivers went back to work but if the management don't listen to us and don't come to negotiations then there could be more strikes to follow.''
The source said things came to a head at the depot when a high-ranking union representative was suspended by the company earlier this week. ''That was the final straw and we believe the allegations against this person are false,'' he added.

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