7 Dec 2011

We aren't dogs. We can't be urinating on the street

Brent Cross, North London
Bus drivers at Metroline are urinating in bushes after their toilet was vandalised. Transport provider TfL closed the toilet, outside Brent Cross Shopping Centre in Hendon, on Monday, due to ‘misuse’ of the facility. Graffiti was found on the walls and flooding in the only male toilet. Driver Marcia Mansfield said she has to urinate in the nearby bush when the shopping centre is closed as she has nowhere else to go. She said: “Why do the good have to suffer for the bad?” She said the toilet is closed every few weeks, leaving the drivers in a desperate position.

Another driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We are not dogs - we can’t be urinating on the street. Five hours without a toilet, it is not right.” He says if drivers are caught urinating outside, they can be fined £80.
Driver Mr D. Kamal says TfL lock both toilets despite the problems only ever being in the male cubicle. “The ladies are suffering for nothing,” he said. “Some bus drivers have to hold on up until 10 o’clock which is a health hazard.”
He says there are not enough facilities for the amount of drivers covering the route and they are a poor standard so they leak all the time. Currently, there is one toilet for male bus drivers and one for female drivers. The toilets are due to re-open by Friday next week.

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