27 Jan 2012

DLR drivers to get £2,500 Olympic bonus

The RMT announced yesterday that it has secured a ground breaking Olympics pay deal for DLR workers worth £2,500. This is made up of a guaranteed attendance payment of £900 and guaranteed overtime payments for all staff throughout the Olympics and Paralympics period.

The agreement is constructed as follows: 
∙ £900 attendance bonus, paid at £100 per week over a 9-week period for all staff in every grade. 

Time +¾ for any hour worked on overtime throughout the 9-week period with a guaranteed minimum 5 hours per week, 45 hours over the 9 week period, for all staff in every grade.

The deal makes Unite's campaign for a £500 Olympic bonus for bus drivers all the more compelling. An extra 800,000 passengers are expected to use London buses during the games.

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