16 Apr 2012

Spurred by protests, Astrakhan drivers strike

Astrakan, Southern Russia
Around 150 minibus drivers joined the protest movement in Astrakhan on Friday by announcing a strike to demand better working conditions. They are protesting layoffs in the sector and demanding higher wages,
The city of some half a million has grabbed media headlines in recent days after protests broke out there in support of the losing candidate in the city’s recent mayoral elections, Oleg Shein. He has been on a month-long hunger strike over election fraud. 
The striking drivers of Astrakhan’s ‘marshrutki’ city minibuses gathered for a protest on Friday afternoon and later held a cavalcade around the city. Although promoting their own demands, the strikers are coordinating their actions with the other protesters. The strike was called after the drivers met with Shein and his supporters on Friday morning.

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