17 Sep 2012

India: indefinite strike ends with victory

Karnataka State, South West India
The indefinite strike by 110,000 bus workers in Bangalore and the surrounding region has ended with a swift victory after just 48 hours. The state government accepted most of their demands after talks that ended late on Friday. 
The unions’ main demand of merging the Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) with the basic salary had been accepted. It was also agreed that transfers effected on administrative grounds from March 2012 and show-cause notices issued to trainee employees since Thursday would be withdrawn. 
However, the other main demand — that of absorbing as regular staff the thousands of trainee crew — has not been settled. But as a sop, they will be paid an additional Rs. 1,000 per month from September, increasing their pay to Rs. 8,000 a month. And their 'training period' will not be extended beyond two years. The other demands of the unions will be considered by a subcommittee.

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