7 Dec 2012

Strike dates for First Aberdeen dispute

A 90% vote in favour of strike action in the First Aberdeen pay dispute has been announced. Staff, including drivers and cleaners, were asked if they were prepared to take part in action over low pay. Unite said 206 of the 227 valid votes - 90.7% - voted yes, with 21 against. The company had offered a backdated one per cent pay increase.

First Aberdeen workers are set to stage two weeks of industrial action. Staff at First Aberdeen are expected to walk out on Saturday 15 December, and the following Saturday over a pay dispute. According to one source, the last Saturday of the year will also be targeted along with Hogmanay, and rush-hour strikes are also planned on two days through each week.


abdnbus said...

The Offer Was Not Back dated and it has massive strings attached,meaning we have to give up more than we stand to gain!.
No so much to do with a wage increase more the threatened loss of working conditions.

First Aberdeen Driver.

Busworker said...

Thanks for putting us right abdnbus :)