28 Feb 2013

Isle of Man: drivers to strike on 6 March

Isle of Man bus drivers have voted for further strike action in a long-running dispute with the island's government over measures which include a £3,000 pay cut. The Bus Vannin drivers will stage two separate walkouts on Wednesday 6 March, the Unite union confirmed. A spokesman said drivers would hold stoppages from 7.30-9:30am and from 3-5pm.
The decision was taken following a meeting between union leaders and drivers on Monday. Unite's Bobby Moreton said drivers voted "unanimously in favour of escalating their industrial action". He added: "We are unwilling to accept that the government can impose a £60 per week loss on our people just on rates of pay - that's before they take away sick and holiday pay." The drivers have already staged walkouts in December, January and February.

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