14 May 2013

South Africa: national strike wins 9.5% pay rise

South Africa's 25-day national bus strike has come to an end. On Monday, striking drivers accepted a 9.5% increase, retroactive to 1 April. This will increase to 10% from 1 October. The agreement period ends on 30 June next year. (The official inflation rate is 6%.)
SATAWU union spokesman Vincent Masoga said the strike had been worth it: “Our members are not 100% about the offer, but they have accepted it and it will make a difference, especially the 10%. There will be a real increase and it will not be eaten by inflation."
Ismail Meyer, a striker at Golden Arrow, said “For us it was not about this year alone. Many of us have felt unhappy with our wage increases in previous years, but just accepted it. This strike was our way of standing up to the employers, to show them we are strong and will not be exploited.”

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