10 Jun 2013

Guernsey: CT Plus drivers walk out

Major travel disruption is expected today due to a bus driver strike. Thirty drivers met last night and voted unanimously to walk out. It follows significant unrest at CT Plus, which has faced staff shortages in recent weeks, leading to cancellations and delays. The drivers have also chosen to work to rule for the rest of the week.
Unite regional officer Bob Lanning, who represents the men, said they were unhappy with the way they were being treated by the company. “They have several grievances and the first is pay. They have been offered a pay freeze and apparently eight drivers are being shipped in from the mainland, put up in hotels and their flights paid for.”
Mr Lanning said this had aggravated the men, who had heard that the new drivers would be guaranteed 50 hours a week. He added that staff also had concerns about changes to their ‘duty’ cards, which affected their working hours and breaks. Guernsey’s lack of employment legislation means the men could be at risk of losing their jobs due to the walkout.

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