16 Oct 2013

Network Warrington: workers strike again after 'insulting' offer

Frustrated bus workers at Network Warrington walked out again yesterday as part of a series of strikes over pay. Two more strikes are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 31st October.
Richard Lawson, who has been working at the company for seven years, said: “We really do not want to be doing this but we have been forced into a corner because management aren’t prepared to talk to us... Four years ago, I enjoyed coming into work and getting up in the morning but that has changed. I have no confidence with the management.”

Bus driver Vinny Hawthorn, who has worked at the company for more than five and a half years, said the reaction he has received from the public has been positive: “A lot of my regulars have shown their support for the strike, saying ‘good luck’."

A good boy's day
Unite recently turned down an offer from the bus company following a meeting on Sunday. Bus company chairman Maureen Banner and executive directors met with Unite representatives where an offer was put forward.
It is believed that the workers were offered a £100 bonus payment to be paid in December and one extra day’s holiday if staff have a 100 per cent attendance record. But an overall majority declined the offer amid allegations that the offer was ‘insulting’.
Ron Gaffney, who has worked at the company for 13 years, said: “We have been calling it a ‘good boy’s day’ as we have to be good and not have any day off to be entitled to the extra day.”

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