29 Jan 2015

London-wide bus strikes escalate

Unite announced three more 24 hour London-wide bus strikes yesterday. The stoppages are on Thursday 5 February, Friday 13 February and Monday 16 February. They follow a continued refusal by London’s 18 bus operators to enter into collective talks over ending pay disparities. A 24 hour strike in January saw bus services across the capital brought to a standstill as over 20,000 bus workers walked out. 

One rate for the job
Unite regional officer Wayne King said: “Bus passengers pay one fare, so why don’t bus drivers get paid the same rate for doing the same job? We urge London’s bus operators to see sense and collectively engage in talks to give London’s bus workers a fair deal.” 
In contrast to tube drivers, there isn’t one collective pay deal for bus drivers in the capital, whose pay is negotiated on a company by company basis leading to pay inequality and disparities. 
There are over 80 different pay rates covering London’s bus drivers, doing the same job, even driving the same route but for different rates of pay. Drivers’ pay can differ by £3 per hour, from £9.30 to £12.34.

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Anonymous said...

Always good to see Unite choosing to ignore all the other benefits around the rates and focus on the 'headline' rate. What about all the different enhancements, overtime etc?!?!