28 Apr 2010

Abdul Omer loses appeal against sacking

Abdul Omer, Unite convenor for London Sovereign, lost his appeal against dismissal yesterday. The Unite official who represented Omer at the appeal demolished the company's case but they sacked him anyway.
Sovereign have made a simple calculation. They may have to pay out at an employment tribunal, but they'd rather do that than have an effective union operating in their garages. The decision is meant to intimidate workers - to warn everyone that if you cause "trouble" you'll be sacked.
This is an outrageous attack on a key union activist on the London buses. If any worker at Sovereign wants to be treated with respect in the future there has to be a fightback now. Otherwise there'll be far more sackings and disciplinaries of reps.
Unite is committed to fight this vicious attack on the union. We have to step up the campaign - every bus garage should invite reps from Sovereign into their meetings to explain the case. The union has to beat back this attack, and show it won't rest until he is reinstated.
Download the latest campaign leaflet on our "leaflets" page.

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