22 Apr 2010

Lebanese drivers strike together

Lebanese taxi drivers and public bus drivers will go on strike today to protest the rise in gasoline prices and condemn the cabinet’s neglect of the ground transportation sector.
All public vehicle drivers were called to halt their work and protest peacefully against “increasing taxes and fees through the weekly rise in gasoline prices with the aim of serving the budget deficit and the public debt,” according to the statement.
Drivers will gather at 10 am in Beirut, Zahle, Sidon, Baalbek, Tripoli, Nabatieh and Bhamdoun to march. The strike will end at noon when news conferences will be held in each region.
The unions also slammed price rises and the lack of control against monopolies. They said 95 percent of the population was living in poverty and was working for the benefit of the remaining 5 percent who have a grip on the economy.

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