20 Oct 2010

Managers ‘desperate’ at CT Plus

By Mark L Thomas
Drivers at CT Plus’s Ash Grove garage in Hackney struck again last Friday in their battle for decent pay. It was the second of four planned one-day strikes. More than 30 pickets were outside the Ash Grove garage by 8am.
CT Plus bus drivers are paid some of the lowest rates in London, and many say there is a culture of bullying at the firm.
Some drivers who had crossed the picket line the previous Friday joined the latest strike. Managers have also been driving buses. One picket spotted a senior manager out driving a 388. “He earns between £80,000 and £90,000 a year—he must be desperate,” said the striker.
The dispute at CT Plus underlines the urgent need to return to a fight for a single rate of pay and uniform terms and conditions across all of London’s bus firms. As one driver put it, “We need better pay—the same as other bus companies. “We all do the same job, we all come under Transport for London.”

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