29 Oct 2010

Strike call after driver attacked in riot

Newtownabbey, Belfast Metropolitan Area
A vicious attack on a bus driver during the Monday night riots has led to calls for a bus strike in the area. Michael Dornan, representative for UNITE Union spoke about a possible strike after details emerged of the bus hi-jack on Monday evening. He said: “I don’t want to go into a political debate, all I can say is the driver was trailed from the bus and beaten. He has been left with very serious facial injuries — it’s utterly disgraceful.
“We provide an important service to the neighbourhood, but we can not risk our lives in doing so when there is such civil unrest — if the safety of our drivers can not be assured, we have no other option but to call a bus strike.” The bus was burnt out along with several cars hijacked during the night of disorder.
Over 200 youths reportedly gathered in the Rathcoole area to riot — it is thought the disturbance was linked to a number of searches in the area over recent days by officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland's Historical Enquiries Team.

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