23 May 2011

Background to Dundee wildcat strike

A woman with a family member employed at the Dundee depot has said bus drivers are being victimised and spied on. The drivers have taken exception to representatives from Birmingham coming to Dundee, shadowing staff and noting "petty" grievances.
"They put people on the buses this week from Birmingham and they are spying on the drivers," she said.
"It is victimisation and absolutely disgraceful planting these people on these buses and taking notes on how the drivers operate. "It is hard enough what bus drivers have to put up with due to roadworks making them run late and abuse from customers... It is an absolute disgrace what they have to put up with."
She was also critical of the shifts being operated, saying that, while there might be a 10-hour break between drivers getting in their cabs, they aren't getting 10 hours' rest. The concerned relative explained that when a driver finishes work, he or she has to get home, get to bed and then get up and get to work for the next shift. "The shift pattern is an absolute disgrace," she said. "Half the time they are exhausted."

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