3 May 2011

"Let them drive their own buses"

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 
Passengers for upcountry and neighbouring Uganda, Kenya and Malawi were yesterday stranded for about eight hours at the Ubungo bus terminal in Dar es Salaam after bus drivers began a strike to demand attractive contracts from their employers. Bus departures were delayed as the anti-riot police manned the bus terminal to ensure that there was no physical confrontation between the passengers and drivers.
The drivers blamed their bosses for not employing them on a contractual basis, which was making life difficult for them.“We are tired of the sufferings. I think this is the best option, let them drive their own buses,” shouted one of the irate drivers.
The strike is reported to have spread upcountry, where truck drivers likewise suspended their services demanding new contracts. The go-slow forced the Dar es Salaam special zone police commander, Mr Suleiman Kova, to convene a meeting with leaders of the bus drivers.

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