16 Jun 2011

Dundee drivers balloted on further strikes

Unite has written to its members at National Express Dundee informing them of a ballot for possible industrial action. The letter, signed by regional officers Dougie Maguire and Colin Coupar, attacks the bus company for putting drivers' terms and conditions of employment "under threat" and says agreements and procedures were "ignored and abused."
Workers walked out for an unofficial wildcat strike last month— an action described as "regrettable" in the letter, which then goes on to criticise National Express for the way it handled the disciplinary hearings that followed. Specifically, the fact there has been no resolution to the cases of union shop stewards Rab McKelvie and Alan Clark is described as "deliberate".
Members are asked to vote on whether or not they support a ballot for a full strike. The question reads, "Do you support the union in a move to a formal and legal ballot for lawful industrial action in furtherance of protecting your conditions of service and your branch officials?" The ballot will close on Friday, with the result announced on Monday.

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