15 Jun 2011

Striking against arrogant management

Virginia, USA
Dozens of Arlington County ART bus drivers struck on Monday to protest working conditions and sexual harassment from Forsythe Transportation. They lashed out at what they called "arrogant, arbitrary" management.
They protested outside Forsythe headquarters from around 4.30am until well into the afternoon. Forsythe warned the workers they would be fired if they did not return to work by noon, and in the afternoon terminated all but a few who returned. He subsequently backed off, and said they'd only been suspended, pending an investigation. The union says the strike will continue at least until Friday.
"Sometimes you get pushed to the point you just have to stand up," bus driver William Alston said. "It's been an accumulation of things." Union spokesman Charles Smith said Forsythe management sexually harassed employees, switched drivers' schedules unfairly, didn't pay enough and refused drivers bathroom breaks. The strike was ignited when the company sent home union leader and employee Patricia Blowe for wearing a union button on Thursday and fired her the next day, Smith said.

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