31 Aug 2011

El Salvador drivers strike against extortion

At least two bus routes around San Salvador have been hit by drivers striking to demand that the authorities protect them from extortion demands by gangs.
According to El Salvador’s
La Prensa Grafica, the drivers of the 119 route from Chalatenango to San Salvador have all but stopped working for the last week, providing “irregular” service in order to draw attention to their cause. They were joined this week by drivers in Soyapango, a crime-laden municipality in the San Salvador area.
As is the case in much of Latin America, drivers are frequently targeted by gangs. In El Salvador this includes the MS-13, who regularly charge them “protection fees” on penalty of death or injury. 625 bus drivers have been killed since 2006, 29 of whom died in the first three months of 2011 alone. Extortion of buses and delivery trucks is a highly profitable venture for street gangs, because drivers generally carry their day’s earnings in cash on their persons.

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