22 Aug 2011

Sovereign drivers reject pay offer

Drivers on Sovereign buses have voted by nearly 90 percent to reject a management pay offer. Bosses say their two-year pay deal is good for drivers. But it amounts to a pay cut.
Drivers would get a 2 percent increase in the first year and a 3.2 percent increase in the second. But the devil is in the detail.
“Management want to introduce a new rate for beginners,” Robert Laird, the rep at Edgware garage, told Socialist Worker. “It is unfair. They want to extend the probation period for new starters from six months to one year. And then in the second year they will still not get equal pay, but an ‘intermediary rate’.” New starters at Sovereign are already the lowest paid in London. 
The Unite union will now be organising mass meetings to discuss how to take the campaign forward.

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