2 Jul 2012

A response to management rumours about bonus

Unite accused the employers of acting with "gross irresponsibility" by implying workers could gain a £500 bonus under an offer previously made at Acas and rejected out of hand by the union. Unite says the £500 offered by the bus operators was immediately rejected at previous talks as it required its members to work all 29 days of the Olympics and Paralympics to achieve it.
"The reality is that the offer made would give a bus worker just over half of the award claimed, and only then if they worked all their legally rostered shifts over the Olympic period... It beggars belief that the cartel running the capital's transport system can treat a key workforce, drivers, passengers and the visitors to London with such contemptuous disregard."
"We all want the Olympics to succeed but if the bus employers cannot get serious about solving this dispute then we say to the mayor, Boris Johnson, show some leadership, it's what you were elected to do - get on one of your bikes and join these talks now'." More talks between the union and the operators are being held at Acas today.
Press Association

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