28 Jun 2012

London drivers to strike again on 5 and 24 July

From the Unite press release: 
Thousands of London bus workers will take strike action next Thursday (5 July) followed by action on Tuesday (24 July) in a dispute over London bus operators' continued refusal to recognise their workers' extra effort over the Olympics with a £500 Olympic award.

Unite accused the bus operators of playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship, pushing action closer towards the Games. With just 29 days to go to the Olympics, the union called on the operators to join it for talks on Monday at Acas. The operators - which have collectively posted over £2 billion in profits - have yet to confirm their presence at the negotiating table.

Reballot means everyone could strike together on 24 July
The reballot of bus workers at Metroline, Arriva the Shires and Go Ahead London General is expected to start next Wednesday (4 July) and finish on Tuesday (17 July) meaning action on 24 July could lead to a total standstill of bus services across London, just three days before the Olympic Games.


Anonymous said...

As a driver after these next 2 strikes I will have lost approx £300 are the union going to get that back for the 1000's of drivers in my situation

Busworker said...

Unite have said that for each strike day, they will add £100 to the amount they are demanding for drivers.

doc said...

the amount you may or may not lose Pales into insignificance compared to what the workers (not just in our industry) have lost as a result of our lack of fight
keep the faith and realise your collective power