11 Jan 2013

Guernsey: strike threat wins concessions

Guernsey bus drivers will meet on Sunday night to decide whether CT Plus's decision to reinstate long weekends is enough to avert strike action. They were unhappy with the change to their work rosters which would have meant halving the four-day weekends they currently get every six weeks. Some of the drivers use the long weekends to travel home to their families.*
Although CT Plus has now decided to reinstate them, it has not back-tracked on plans to cut the amount of 'sign-on/off' time they get from ten to five minutes. During that time, the drivers do safety checks on their vehicles and fill up with fuel.
Unite represents the drivers. Its regional officer Bob Lanning said cutting the time meant drivers stood to lose around £400 a year.

* A number of drivers have been brought in from the UK and Europe. They use the long weekends to visit their families, who due to housing laws are unable to move over with them!

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