31 Jan 2013

Guernsey: strike threat wins concessions

Guernsey's bus company has back-tracked on plans to bring in changes to drivers' work rosters. Drivers and management met to discuss proposals that previously led to a threat of strike action.
CT Plus had wanted to half the number of long weekends the men received and shorten the sign-on/sign-off time they were given to check their vehicles at the start and end of shifts. The plans infuriated drivers who used the long weekends to visit their families on the mainland.
The company agreed to postpone the changes after it became clear the men were prepared to walk out, but now they have made a final decision not to introduce them. Unite regional officer Bob Lanning represented the men. He said the meeting had gone well and a monthly forum had been set up to prevent communication problems in future.
But while the two sides have settled their differences for the time being, pay negotiations are due to start in February for a cost of living increase this year. Mr Lanning said the men had received a two percent rise last year but their accommodation had gone up by eight percent.

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