2 Mar 2010

Bogota strike spreads as taxi drivers join in

Bogota, Columbia
The city-wide bus strike that paralyzed Bogota transport on Monday is set to expand on Tuesday, with many intermunicipal bus drivers and city taxi drivers planning to join the protest on Tuesday morning.
Colombian newspaper El Espectador is reporting that 21,000 of Bogota’s taxi drivers are planning to strike tomorrow, and that many buses that travel between Bogota and other cities will be staying parked tomorrow.
The strike is being led by the Association of Small Transporters (Apetrans) who are protesting the terms that the city government has presented them to sell their old vehicles and buy new ones.
The lack of 16,000 city buses on the road led to widespread chaos in the city on Monday, as the only available public transport system, the rapid bus transit system Transmilenio, was flooded with more than 150,000 riders than normal.
Tempers flared and pedestrians flooded streets throughout the city on Monday, blocking traffic during rush hour.


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