3 Feb 2012

Canada: bus and ferry workers strike together

Nova Scotia, Canada
The first transit strike in Halifax since 1998 began yesterday as bus and ferry workers walked out. More than 700 workers walked off the job just after 1.30 am, after union representatives rejected Metro Transit's latest proposal. The dispute is principally over changes to schedules.
Ken Wilson is president of Local 508 of the Amalgamated Transit Union. He said workers want to keep the flexibility they have now when it comes to scheduling. Currently, bus drivers can pick different shifts to make up a week, based on seniority.  
"Over 80 per cent of my people are divorced. The flexibility in picking our work is what keeps people sometimes together, it's what allows a single parent to be involved in a child's life". "We've been picking our work cafeteria style for 104 years. Why all of a sudden in 2012, is it such a big issue?"

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