23 Feb 2012

Zimbabwe: police corruption sparks strike

Commuter omnibus drivers on the Harare-Norton route have threatened to strike against what they termed harassment and extortion by traffic police along the Harare-Bulawayo Road. The operators said each bus was being made to part with an average of $50 a day in bribes. They said there were five police roadblocks along the 40km stretch and at each point police demanded $5, which adds up to $10 for a round trip.
National traffic police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome yesterday refused to comment on the threatened boycott. “We don’t know about that and I cannot comment on what I don’t know”. One driver described his experience: “They don’t even come to us and search our vehicles... They just ask for money and if we don’t comply, they write a ticket for $20 which is unfair to us.”

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Anonymous said...

That's why we call it;Zimbavha Rinoba Pachena.There is no more policeman in Zimbabwe kwangove nembavha dzoga dzoga.Even if you go and complain to the bosses it will be a waste of time because on everyday morning meetings they are asked to do it for their survival