2 Feb 2012

South Africa: striking drivers defy the law

Gauteng Province, South Africa
Bus services for the Gautrain have once again been brought to a screeching halt by an illegal strike. Drivers have put the brakes on, calling their second illegal strike within a month.
The first strike was on 9 January, and resulted in a court order being issued on 13 January which ordered drivers to go back to work. Drivers had struck over a demand that the company provide transport for them to and from work.  
Gautrain management took disciplinary action against the drivers involved. The drivers retaliated by applying for their own court order. The Johannesburg Labour Court dismissed their application on 1 February. “[This] appears to have been the catalyst for the drivers once again deserting their routes,” said company spokesman Errol Braithwaite. An ultimatum was issued to all striking drivers to be back at work by 3pm on 1 February, but this was ignored. Bus services have been suspended until further notice.

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