19 Jun 2012

Tube may be forced to close by Friday's strike

The Tube will be forced to close if Friday's bus strike creates dangerous overcrowding levels on the already packed service, RMT leader Bob Crow said today. 
The union will order staff to stop work - citing workplace Health & Safety regulations - if they believe too many passengers are creating conditions dangerous for themselves and other users. That could mean staff closing stations or refusing to drive trains if they genuinely believe safety is being put at risk. Tube bosses said they would have additional staff at stations to cope with the extra passenger numbers.

Packed to capacity
Nearly 6.5 million journeys are made on London's buses every day and many passengers will try to use the Tube as their only alternative method of public transport on strike day. The Tube already carries 3.4 million passengers a day with trains packed to capacity during morning and evening peak times.

Bob Crow said his union "has deep concerns about the safety implications of trying to cram hundreds of thousands of extra journeys into a system creaking at the seams and our safety reps will be monitoring the situation closely on Friday."

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