21 Jun 2012

Workers at 17 bus operators to strike tomorrow

From Unite's latest press release:
London bus workers in seventeen bus companies will still be on strike tomorrow despite a high court injunction which Britain’s largest union, Unite branded an ‘affront to democracy.’

The three companies where strike action is suspended because of the injunction are: Metroline, Arriva the Shires, London General.

Strikes will go ahead at: London United, London Sovereign, Stagecoach East, Stagecoach Rainham, Stagecoach Selkent, Arriva North, Arriva South, First Capital, First Centre West, London Central, Abellio West, Abellio South, Metrobus, Docklands, Blue Triangle, CT Plus and Arriva Southern Counties.

London regional secretary, Peter Kavanagh, said: “Bus workers across the vast majority of London’s bus network will be on strike tomorrow. This comes despite an injunction which was given without any proper explanation. It begs the question of whether the court has come under any external pressure in making the ruling. Granting an injunction in the face of a massive vote for strike action is an affront to democracy. We are fast becoming a country where justice rules in favour of big business and tramples on the rights of ordinary working men and women.

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